555 King Street West
Toronto, Ontario M5V 1M1

Tel1: 416-205-9775
Tel2: 416-205-9949
Fax: 416-205-9940

PERFECT LEATHER GOODS LTD. was established in 1969. We are importers and exporters of raw leather materials dealing on both a wholesale and retail level.
A proud Canadian Company we operate out of 555 King Street West, located between Bathurst Street and Spadina Avenue in the downtown Toronto core.
A staple in Toronto’s fashion industry we supply designers, fashion students, the movie, garment and upholstery industries. We carry all manner of leather skins and have the largest selection in North America.
We carry, but are not limited to: Lamb skins (sherling, sheepskin, Mongolian Lamb), Cowhides (including calf), Pig skins, Goat skins, Cayman (small crocodiles/alligators), Ostrich (including Ostrich feet), Deer skins, Snake (in all colours, including python, water and rattle snakes), Fox, Wolf, Beaver, Horse, Rabbit, Opossum, Sting Ray, and Buffalo. In suede and nubuck leather as well.
We have many different types of hair on hide, including a large selection of the very fashionable carpet rugs with the best prices in the city.
We have prints of every exotic type in many of our leathers. Our thicknesses range from ½ oz to 10 oz. Our stock includes belting, tool, metallic, foil, pearlized, patent, printed, perforated, textured, embossed, glossed, split, dull and naked leather. We carry bellies and jelly – rawhide / parchment.
We carry many linings (kasha, silk, quilted, fusing etc.), buckles, snaps, buttons, fasteners, tapes, glues and other industry accessories.
We manufacture and sell jackets, pants, chaps, skirts, vests, hats, bags, wallets, belts and gloves and have an expert custom order and repair staff. We have an extraordinary stock of unused vintage coats and modern coats, from motorcycle gear to dress coats. Previous to our current location we were a fixture at 192 Spadina Avenue.
We would be pleased to make your acquaintance and invite you down to our facility to view our wares.

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